Thursday, July 31, 2008

Make Easy Money with CashCrate!

CashCrate is a Get Paid To program where you get paid for filling out various surveys and completing offers. There are many offers that are free, and some are Trial Offers. What you want to do is completely up to you! I only sign up for the 100% free offers.

Companies want your feedback and opinions and are willing to pay money for that. CashCrate receives money for promoting these companies and passes on 75% of that money to it’s members who sign up for and complete surveys and offers.

Every day there is a daily survey available. You earn $.80 for completing it and can take up to 2 daily surveys a day, so if you complete the daily survey and nothing else you could make $48.00 a month. That is in addition to the money you can earn by completing offers and other surveys.

CashCrate is also offering all their members to fill out a profile survey for ONE DOLLAR. If you haven’t signed up yet, or are giving up hope on CashCrate - get with it! Sign up today and get your free dollar.

If you start out with CashCrate and keep filling out surveys and referring people, you too can be making several hundred a month in real money. Maybe you can figure out how to earn more!

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